Frankie's Strange Adventures

Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo

         Quotes by Denise

Denise will be touring all over at book stores, libraries, schools, and zoos. She will be sharing a special message with the children. Her theme is "Discover your dream. Live your dream." This message will be incorporated into an interactive song and dance show with Frankie along beside her in mascot form.  
Please don't let your children miss this incredible experience!!

       Crazy, silly, funny, and wise
        quotes written by Denise

1. No one is going to rain on my parade. And if they try,  I'm going to carry a huge umbrella and keep on marching!

2. Coffee is like draino. (Those of you who drink coffee know exactly what I'm talking about.)

3. Successful people do not do great things without adversity. They do great things despite adversity.

4. Good without God is like having perfect attendence in school while flunking every class.

5.What's up?  The sky...with fluffy clouds shaped like ice cream sodas, snakes and hearts!! (If you have read my book, you'll catch on to this one!)

6. Trying to reach God in your own effort, without Christ, is like trying to climb out of the Grand Canyon with a doll ladder.

7. Don't be jealous of other's accomplishments until you've walked their path and have seen what they have been through to get there.

8. Faith without works is like the best cake recipe without the ingredients to make it.

9. Genuine happiness comes from no one can steal it from you.

10. Over 90% of all communication is actions speak over 90% louder than words!

11. Having a bad hair day? Do something nice for a bald person!
(Is there such thing as a bad mustache day?)

12. Discover your dream. Protect your dream. Work toward your dream. Live your dream.