Frankie's Strange Adventures

Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo

 MEET THE STUDENTS                 

Thanks for such a warm welcome! You were so nice and very good. Thanks for letting me read my book to you. I had a lot of fun!! Thanks for taking time to write me thank you notes. That was thoughtful. The silly animals you drew were so cute!! Denise

    These kids were terrific!!!
         Thanks to Miss Ryan's class in Hilliard. 
         You were very observant. I hope you 
          had as much fun as I did!

Thanks to Mrs. Adcock's class for inviting me to read my book!! It was a blast! Denise

Thanks to Mrs. King's class for letting me share my book! You were great!
Thanks to Mrs. Clutter's class for having me in your class! It was very exciting for me! I loved all the children's interesting questions!    Denise

Thanks to Mrs. Kirkpatrick's class for having me visit! You did an excellent job answering my questions!  Denise