Frankie's Strange Adventures

Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo

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                                Crying Hyenas?
       Wacky Animals Create Laughs in Illustrated Children's Story
   Author Denise Morris presents Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo, a humorous and educational illustrated book for all ages to enjoy.
   When Frankie Strange decides to spend a day at the city park zoo, he expects to see animals, but quickly discovers there is something quite strange about these particular zoo animals. He encounters a wide array of strange animals with wacky and ironic behaviors and characteristics. A bald eagle with a full head of luxurious hair, a laughing-hyena crying and a sloth tap-dancing energetically are among the crazy creatures he witnesses at the zoo.
   Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo is packed with full-page illustrations in vivid colors. Each page offers a colorful illustration with text bubbles that add to the humor of each page. The interesting details of the pictures engage the reader and require a more careful exploration.
   This book is more than just an illustrated story. The "Did you know" section includes interesting facts about animals introduced by Morris. She also keeps children involved in learning through the miniature illustrations that accompany the text. The "Question and Answer" section encourages readers to search for answers in the story. There is even a creative doodle section where children may draw their own silly animals and share about their personal experiences at the zoo. "This book encourages learning...and they will learn something new," says Morris.
   Elementary-aged children are the target audience for this book, but Morris believes that all ages will enjoy the humor, wit and facts.
   Although originally from Colorado, Morris calls Ohio home, as she has lived in Ohio since the age of 8. Morris always enjoyed the arts and continued her studies of music, theater and art in college at Ohio State University. She married her high school sweetheart, and they now have five children together. Frankie's Strange Day at the Zoo is her first book and the first in the "Frankie Strange" series.